Best Places to Eat Like a Local in Old Town Alexandria

old town alexandria

Old Town Alexandria; where American history, diversity, and modern living come together.

This historical district in Northern Virginia is more than museums and 18th-century townhouses. For many years, the area has been a bustling city of amazing foodie spots. Locals frequent the open-air eateries by the Potomac River.

Visiting Old Town Alexandria for vacation? Get the most out of your experience by eating the locals. Check out the best food hubs in Old Town Alexandria in this article below.

1. Virtue Feed and Grain

Virtue Feed & Grain is a contemporary American-style restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria. It’s popular for being a go-to brunch place of Instagram-worthy food. The restaurant is in an old 1800s feed house. Because of this, the restaurant captures the vibes of a rustic American tavern.

Their food, aside from being trendy, also gives off a classic farmhouse vibe. Some of these dishes are wild boar burgers and BBQ brisket sandwiches. For an amazing brunch experience, have your food on the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

2. Bastille

If you find yourself craving French cuisine upon your move to Alexandria, eating at Bastille is the best way to go. This brasserie and bar create an amazing French and American ambiance with their food and décor.

They have been serving classic French dishes since 2006. But they are also well-known for their avant-garde menu creations.

A good example is their shrimp beignets with a side of spicy guacamole. Bastille ensures their patrons that little bit of Paris in the heart of Alexandria.

3. Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbecue

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Old Town, you can’t miss Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbecue. This barbecue spot by well-known barbeque pitmaster Myron Mixon.

The joint serves mouth-watering briskets, baby back ribs, and chicken wings. Although it’s newer than other Old Town restaurants, this barbecue place is gaining popularity in the Alexandrian food scene.

4. Nasime

Nasime is a small restaurant that brings Japanese cuisine to Old Town Alexandria. This upscale restaurant will give that feeling of eating in Japan in the middle of Virginia. Nasime enhances the experience by allowing its customers to step behind the curtain.

This restaurant offers a five to seven-course lineup that changes with the seasons. Nasime’s menu features traditional soup and grill fish dishes. If you want the freshest sashimi in the area, Nasime is the only way to go.

5. Brabo

For people wanting to experience some Old Town fine dining, Brabo is one restaurant to check out. This Belgian cuisine-centered restaurant brings class and laid-back ambiance in perfect balance. They are popular for their tasting menu dishes like Atlantic striped bass a la plancha.

This fine-dining restaurant offers a variety of European-style appetizers and steaks. Brabo also has a brasserie area. Here, you can enjoy an all-day casual, European-inspired dining experience.

6. Vola’s Dockside Grill

If you’re in Old Town, dining on the waterfront is a great way to take a food break from your Alexandrian sightseeing. One of the best new spots to have it is at Vola’s Dockside Grill. At Vola’s Dockside Grill, you can enjoy a great ocean bounty-filled menu.

Vola’s has everything from crab dip, raw oysters, seafood cocktails, and lobster rolls. Add the amazing view of the riverfront to complete your Old Town dining experience.

7. Don Taco

Don Taco is a must-try taco and tequila bar that offers over 14 flavors of delicious taco. This trendy taco joint in King Street serves taco fillings.

Enjoy your Mexican short rib with fillings like fried oysters and buffalo chicken. You have to end your dining experience in Don Taco with a Nutella banana split taco and some churros.

8. Caphe Bánh Mì

Caphe Bánh Mì is the go-to place for Vietnamese cuisine staples like pho, vermicelli, and summer rolls. The restaurant serves traditional pho and banh mi sandwiches. However, you can also try some of its innovative and creative dishes.

Some of them are the broiled catfish banh mi and vegetarian soy chicken with lemongrass. This Vietnamese restaurant in Cameron Street has reasonable prices too. If you’re visiting Old Town on a budget, Caphe Bánh Mì is a great place to go.

9. Old House Cosmopolitan

In its decade of service, Old House Cosmopolitan proved to be one of the best local restaurants. If you’re craving some good German and Bosnian cuisine, this spot is the best in the Old Town, Alexandria, food scene.

They offer German classics like schnitzel and spaetzle, as well as Bosnian ćevapčići. This restaurant is best known for its fried renditions of your favorite East European dishes.

Old House Cosmopolitan is not only popular for its amazing food, wine, and beer. They also have affordable prices and big portions. Something you’d appreciate when you’re hungry and on a budget.

10. Columbia Firehouse

Columbia Firehouse is a brasserie and bar located in a preserved 1883 firehouse. The place was then built for the Columbia Steam Engine Fire Company. Today, customers can enjoy their food while basking in the old-world elegance of the restaurant’s interior.

This casual dining restaurant has an array of seasonal menus. They vary from steamed mussels, hearty sandwiches, and big portioned supper dishes.

You can’t also go wrong with their cocktail list. Columbia Firehouse has an archive of drinks that dates back as far as the 1850s.

11. Taverna Cretekou

Taverna Cretekou is a consistent figure in the Old Town food scene. This family-run restaurant serves Greek and American food in a homey garden ambiance. They have been in business for more than four decades.

You can enjoy filling your stomach with traditional Grecian food. If you’re looking to try something new, consider their ancient Greek section.

Eating Like a Local in Old Town Alexandria’s Best Restaurants

Old Town Alexandria is not only an amazing historical place but is also rich with diverse food spots. From classic American cuisine, European down to Asian cuisines, this district gives you many options to choose from.

Enjoy more of the places in Old Town Alexandria today. Contact us for any interest in real estate within the area.