Condos for Sale in Alexandria, VA: What To Look For

condos for sale in alexandria va

Are you looking to buy a home in Alexandria, VA? Are you wondering how to find a condo that fits your needs?

Alexandria is an amazing city with a booming job market, delicious dining, and easy access to the rest of the Washington D.C. downtown area. Yet how do you know which condos are a good deal, and which ones you aren’t going to be happy living in?

Here’s what you need to look for in condos for sale in Alexandria Va.

Lifestyle And Amenities

A condo allows you to own a separate housing unit within a residential complex. You’ll be required to pay regular fees to a condo association in addition to your mortgage.

Yet the fee may be well worth it if it makes your lifestyle easier. Many condo associations, for example, have outdoor maintenance included in fees. If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys shoveling snow or cutting the lawn, you can relax knowing that this will get taken care of on your behalf.

Some association fees also included things like your taxes and certain utilities. If you’re wondering if the association is worth the cost, make sure you subtract whatever is included from the rest of your monthly budget.

In addition, your association fees could include a number of perks and amenities. These will be worth it to you if you make use of them regularly.

For example, you may be able to save money on your gym membership if your condo has a fitness center. Or you may swim laps in the pool regularly.

Some individuals love that their condo fee includes 24-hour security or a parking space. Others are looking for a garage. Make sure the complex you choose has amenities that really compliment your lifestyle. 

Yet even if you don’t use these amenities, they could help with resale later on. Keep in mind that Alexandria is an up-and-coming neighborhood for young professionals. These folks are attracted to a lifestyle that includes fitness, recreation, and socializing opportunities.

Know Your Neighborhoods

Alexandria is a fantastic area, but not every neighborhood offers the same vibe. Old Town, for example, is known for its access to public transportation and regular local activities. You can find a luxury condo on the waterfront with yoga studios, lounges, and gourmet dining areas. 

Similarly, Del Ray offers an easy commuting experience. You’ll find plenty of markets, quaint coffee shops, and attractions to keep you busy. Studios, one, and two-bedroom condos abound. 

North Ridge offers a family-friendly atmosphere with lots of parks, restaurants, and shops. You can get a condo in a brand new building that includes amenities like biking trails, sun decks, and even a breakfast concierge.

Beverley Hills is in the upper half of North Ridge and is known for its easy drive to 395. It’s close to both the National Airport and the Pentagon. In spite of its central location, Beverley Hills offers stunning views and great opportunities for sledding!

The Fox Hunt neighborhood was originally part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. It’s located near the shores of the Potomac River.

Fox Hunt is known for its small town-like charm and bountiful outdoor activities. You’ll find plenty of condos with modern amenities like recessed lighting, French doors, and hardwood floors. Greenery and charm abound.

The Right Condo For You

It’s important to really think about what you can afford when you’re purchasing a condo. In addition to your mortgage and homeowner fees, you’ll be responsible for the remaining utilities, dining, and traveling expenses. It’s important to take all of this into account when considering your new monthly budget.

Your commute is also important. When considering Alexandria neighborhoods, think about how long it will take you to get to work every day, traffic included. Will you still have time to spend with your family or on leisure activities?

Make sure you are comfortable with the convenience of your neighborhood on the weekends. Can you easily walk or get transported to get everything you need if you don’t have a car? Will future buyers show interest in the neighborhood even if you don’t regularly visit all of the attractions?

It’s important to work with an experienced realtor when looking for a condo. In today’s market, great deals don’t last long! You’ll want someone who can let you know the minute something that fits your bill comes on the market.

An agent can also alert you to potential problems with a condo complex, such as poor financials, structural issues, or unreasonable rules. A real estate agent who knows condominiums can raise a red flag so you won’t end up with a purchase you are eager to unload in a year or so.

If possible, speak to residents who currently live in the community themselves as well.

Do a lot of individuals say parking is a problem? Do most seem to enjoy the fitness center? Do the fees stay within reason?

You’ll get a lot of honest feedback that will give you a realistic portrait of what to expect.

Finding Condos For Sale In Alexandria Va

If you live and work in the DC Metro area, it may be time to start looking for condos for sale in Alexandria Va. With a booming economy and growing population, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a beautiful new home in the area.

Don’t stop getting smart about your condo purchase now. For real estate experts in the Alexandria area, contact us today.