5 Pro Tips for Staging Your Home Before Selling

staging your home

One of the most important things to consider when putting your home on the market is staging your home. 

While you know everything should seem clean, you might not know what to do after that. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on how to stage your home like the pros. 

Keep reading for five key tips that will make your home sparkle during your next showing!

1. Declutter

To help your potential buyers imagine themselves in your home, give them a clean canvas. Removing excess clutter will help the house seem cleaner and also open up space. 

Clutter can also make the home seem less neutral, which doesn’t want you to want during a showing. Before anyone views your home, remove as much excess as you can. 

2. Deep Clean

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to clean the best you can, especially areas you usually neglect. Ensure that walls, floors, ceilings are all clean and damage-free. 

Signs of dirt or damage can easily give buyers the idea that the home isn’t well cared for, or that repairs will be needed. During showings, make sure your home looks as clean and open as possible. 

3. Remove Personal Touches

When buyers tour your home, they’ll be picturing themselves living there. To help them with that, you should stow clothes, toiletries, and personal effects as much as possible.

While you don’t need to remove all your photos, minimizing how many personal touches are in your home will only help you sell it faster. You want your house to seem like a place that could be the perfect home for anybody. 

4. Hide Signs Of Pets

While your pets make your house feel like home, not everyone feels the same way. Hiding signs of pets will help the house seem more appealing to those with allergies, or who simply don’t have pets. 

When you have a showing or open house, put away any pet toys, furniture, or accessories you have for them. Take your dog on a walk or to the park while your home is being viewed, and keep pets from having free roam of the house. 

5. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

It’s easy to focus on the inside of your home, but outside is equally important! Your home’s curb appeal is its first impression, and you want it to be inviting.

Make sure your lawn is trimmed, exterior surfaces are clean, and that your decorations are neutral. If you have any kid’s toys or personal items outside, tuck them into the garage until your home is finished being viewed.

5 Key Tips For Staging Your Home Before Selling

Staging your home well goes beyond just spot cleaning and plugging in an air freshener. These five tips will help your house stand out with buyers and increase your chance for a quicker sale!

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