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American Architectural Styles: A Look at North Ridge Rosemont Homes

June 25, 2020

There are over 30 different styles of American architectural styles available. Virginia houses offer some of the broadest style varieties in the country. Rosemont houses in Alexandria boast both revivals and contemporary designs. They are likely to suit anyone’s taste. Learn more American architecture styles common to North Ridge Rosemont Homes. Types of House Architecture Common in […]

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4 Real Estate Related Results of the New Tax Bill

March 3, 2018

While the latest tax laws, effective Jan 1, 2018, will not affect your 2017 filing, it’s important to prepare now to avoid surprises in 2019. Here are a few important real estate-related results of the new tax bill to keep in mind: Mortgage interest deductions are now limited to a combined $750,000 of debt for […]

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