LizLuke believes...

  • Buying or selling a home should feel more fun than frustrating.
  • Navigating the real estate market should be simpler.
  • You deserve to buy the home of your dreams for the right price.
  • You deserve to sell your property for the maximum value.
  • You deserve a smooth, stress-free settlement - from contract to closing.
  • You should feel informed and confident about your real estate decisions.
LizLuke team 2

Meet your real estate team


Elizabeth Lucchesi

Founder, Realtor

Combine quick-wit, a gleeful giggle, and an appropriate amount of sass, and you have Elizabeth Lucchesi. Elizabeth founded the LizLuke Team in 2003 and is the lead realtor.

She is a master negotiator, a skillful analyst, and a passionate real estate professional. Her career has spanned two decades in the luxury property management and residential real estate industries, affording her first-hand knowledge of how real estate performs during a variety of economic environments.

Elizabeth is also a fierce tennis competitor, mom of two teenagers and three pups, and committed to the community she calls home in Alexandria.


Allison Kelley


Allison is setting a new standard for rookie real estate agents and how to navigate home buying and selling like a seasoned pro. Allison joined the LizLuke Team in 2017 and in just three years, she has established herself as a respected realtor, having closed dozens of home purchases and sales for the LizLuke Team. She is known for her collected and cool presence, impressive market knowledge, and offering excellent client communication and service.

Allison enjoys spur of the moment adventures; she can’t live without chocolate (anytime, any place); and says, “Music is a part of my soul.”


Ashling McGowan

Inside Sales Agent

Ashling is Irish - just like LizLuke’s favorite real estate mentor Brian Buffini. Lots of folks mistake Ashling’s name for Ashley so she goes by Ash. After achieving her bachelor’s degree in business and real estate from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, Ash moved to London and began hands-on work in the industry.

Ash made a move across the pond and landed in Alexandria, VA in 2015. She’d visited the U.S. plenty and knew this country was the next best place for her.

Ash loves exploring new cities and meeting new people (it’s no wonder real estate is a good fit for her). You may never guess it, but she was in the Irish armed forces reserves. She doesn’t drink soda but her favorite mixed drink is a margarita. She prefers dogs over cats and Colgate over Crest.


Holli Wallace

VP of Operations

Holli is the vice president of operations at the LizLuke Team and the behind the scenes superhero who makes the team’s work possible. Holli joined LizLuke in 2010 and has now worked equal time on the team as she did during her previous career in property management. She is a tip-top taskmaster, a phenomenal process refiner, and a diplomatic mediator. Holli’s day to day duties run the gamut - from processing contracts to putting out fires - she gets it done.

Off the clock, Holli enjoys vacationing at the beach with her family, cooking, and is an undercover punk rock princess.


Kimberly Myers

Marketing Coordinator

Kimberly is a marketing maven and setting a new standard for how to promote real estate. She has been with LizLuke for four years and in that time has given the team’s branding a modern overhaul. Her work was recognized by executive leadership and Kimberly was recruited to become the go-to social media and marketing resource for the entire Old Town Alexandria office. She is known for her energetic personality, sharp attention to design and detail, and an eagerness to excel.

Off the clock, you’ll find Kimberly sipping plenty of coffee, in the gym, or hiking the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.


Samantha Miles

Listing Coordinator

Samantha is thorough, thoughtful, organized, plain ole' awesome!⁣ With less than a year under her belt at the LizLuke Team, Samantha has been promoted from administrative assistant to listing coordinator. She works closely with home sellers and our vetted home service professionals to ensure our listings are up the LizLuke Standard.

Samantha loves to dance with a capital ‘L’ and frequently attends a variety of local classes including ballet, cardio dance, and modern. She finds dance both relaxing and rejuvenating - much like a day at the spa or a good book.


Sharri Rallis

Client Care Coordinator

Sharri brings a wealth of experience in human resources and operations management. After all, the task of raising three boys is a hefty one and has earned Sharri the patience of a monk and wisdom equal to that of King Solomon.

Her ability to establish and nurture professional but thoughtful relationships is invaluable and supports LizLuke in delivering an exceptional experience.

Sharri has called Alexandria home for 15 years and is an active member of her community. She has a lengthy record of service as a board member of various school athletic programs, the PTA, and is the fundraising chairperson for her local boy scout troop.

In between chauffeuring her boys to and from sporting events, Sharri enjoys exploring the great outdoors, especially hiking.