7 Benefits of Home Staging

benefits of home staging

Do you have a home you intend to list for sale in the coming months? As of August 2021, existing-home sales declined by nearly 2% month-over-month to $5.88 million. Surprisingly, prices went up as the supply remained tight.

At the same time, unsold homes inventory decreased by 1.5% to nearly $1.2 million between July and August. What’s more, the median selling price for existing homes went up by 14.9% to $356,700 as opposed to last year’s August rates.

However, you don’t have to sell your home at “medium” rates, when you can enjoy the benefits of home staging and fetch higher prices. Home staging is a common strategy for many owners and real estate agents to make their property feel more welcoming and move-in ready.

Remember, home buyers make their purchasing decisions depending on how they feel about a property. With home staging practices, you arouse their feelings about the property. Check out these seven benefits of professional home staging.

1. Home Staging Makes Your Property Stand Out

Do you know that 44% of home buyers start their purchase process with a simple online search? Only 6% go for direct referrals from friends or relatives. Whichever option they choose, it will help if your home stands out from the rest of the properties.

Staging a home to sell solves the biggest challenge of getting a buyer—enticing them to take a look at it. Remember, the house has to appeal to the buyer more than you. A home staging process entails various improvements to enhance the property’s curb appeal.

Moreover, improved aesthetics allow the buyer to envision their future stay on the property.

2. Your Home Will Sell Faster

Other benefits of home staging include reducing the time your property spends on the market. Some homeowners try a few touchups, but that doesn’t do the trick. In contrast, a professional staging will overhaul the living room’s layout to attract more buyers.

It’s also imperative to understand that most agents aren’t ready to associate themselves with a stale listing. Actually, buyers are also skeptical about homes that stay longer in the market. This is notwithstanding how flawless the property might look.

As highlighted earlier, staging enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. This translates to more buyers, who are even willing to pay for it on the same day of viewing.

3. Attract More Higher Offers

The main goal of staging a property to sell is to arouse the interest of buyers. The National Association of Realtors notes that 29% of its seller agents reported a 1% to 5% increase in dollar value after staging a home. 5% reported up to 15% increase in dollar value.

Evidently, staging creates more buyer interest, which can result in top-dollar offers. Many buyers will be willing to pay more than the market’s fair value if the home exceeds their expectations. Sometimes, you can even challenge multiple buyers to bid if the offers are overwhelming.

4. Ideal for Both In-Person and Online Viewing

As noted, homebuyers research homes online before shortlisting a few properties to visit. If your property looks cluttered, you might even get ashamed to post it. Yet, online presence is everything if you’re going to match with a good buyer.

Alternatively, staging a home makes it ideal for both in-person and online viewing. Home staging pictures are stunning and will sell your property effortlessly. The more your home shines on pictures, the more buyers will be begging for an in-person tour.

5. Make the Space Feel Bigger and Welcoming

Can you notice any flaws in your home, such as cramped space? Advertising such a home can be pretty difficult, let alone selling it. Staging your home allows you to maximize the perceived small space and make it look “big”.

For instance, dirty windows and heavy furniture can make your living space look smaller. Small tiles and copious plants can also make the hallways look smaller. Professional home stages will get rid of all items that make your space look cluttered.

They’ll also clean the windows and tiles to allow much light to reflect in the living room. The brighter your space looks, the bigger it seems.

6. Professional Home Staging Is Relatively Affordable

Although home staging costs vary, depending on property sizes, using professional services is relatively affordable as opposed to doing it yourself. For instance, professionals have the experience and can get the job done on any budget. You only need to be honest with them.

Also, professionals can access staging items at relatively affordable rates. They know where to get inexpensive furniture and decorating materials. They also finish the job in time. The longer you take to get something done, the more you’ll likely spend on it.

Even better, there are hundreds of companies offering these services—you have a myriad of options. Do extensive research and determine who is willing to accommodate your budget.

7. Other Benefits of Home Staging

Other benefits of staging a home to sell include giving you ample time when eventually moving out. Remember, packing out of your home is inevitable once you decide to sell it—whether you stage it or not. So, why not pack sooner rather than later?

Before a professional home staging company sets you home, you’ll need to declutter it. This includes removing your furniture and other household appliances. The company brings in its items to give the home a revamped look.

By packing early, you’ll have enough time to ensure you don’t lose or forget anything. You’ll also get enough time to bargain for affordable moving services as opposed to leaving in a hurry. Even better, you can start shipping your items to the next destination in batches.

Stage Your Home Today to Sell It Quickly

Many reasons can prompt you to put up your home for sale. Whatever your reasons are, you want to get a quick buyer and move on to the next stage of your life.

In that case, don’t let the benefits of home staging bypass you. Hire staging services and get that property sold within days.

As for the cost, it depends on the size of your home and the rooms that require staging. Contact us today if you have any questions about buying or selling your home in Alexandria.